The Happy Spine

The “Happy Spine” teaches people how to end their specific problems or limitations or change them for the better. Through targeted work, students of the “Happy Spine” can change physical conditions such as tension, pain (neck pain, back pain or a chronic headache …) just as much as they learn to correct stressful situations or unwanted behaviours. Furthermore, the “happy spine” regeneration processes after accidents or diseases support. The “happy spine” offers them the opportunity to increase their well-being. This is achieved through gentle touch, movement, breathing, body awareness, and work on your energy body.

The “Happy Spine” does not solve your problems, but it teaches you how to find your own ways to increase your well-being. But: Although the description of my work sounds very simple, after that, everything is not “in order” again. The resolution of issues such as neck pain, back pain, or chronic headaches that have built up over years is a complex process in which success stories and setbacks alternate. Changes in the material body that are accompanied by changes in the energy body can trigger extreme feelings of happiness as well as very unpleasant feelings! The active cooperation of my clients is definitely more effective!

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Personal – A kind of biography Actually, I’m a photographer, so to speak, full-time. Amazed? I understand. Surely, you’re wondering why a photographer should solve health-related questions. A legitimate objection. Maybe my personal story will help:

In the 90s, I have dealt a lot with the work of Moshe Feldenkrais. First, because I myself had severe – almost chronic – headaches and neck pain, and started therapy with a Feldenkrais teacher. Subsequently, then out of pure interest in the subject. In 2001, I met the spiritual healer Vladimir Ivanov and a little later became a student. After several years teaching Ivanov, I have started to develop “The Happy Spine” – my own method – which is essentially inspired by him and Moshe Feldenkrais. Like Moshe Feldenkrais, I teach you to use your muscles, your nervous system, your brain more efficiently. This aspect of my work is often helpful for musculoskeletal problems (headaches, neck pain, back pain, etc.). Working on your energy body at the same time also activates your self-healing powers. Increased vitality and joie de vivre are usually the results, as if “by the way” many problems disappear “as if by themselves”.